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Welcome to Wrist Authority! You might be wondering what this site is about. Getting straight to the point, we’re watch enthusiasts. From cheap watches to more luxury watches, we cover it all! This site also provides an opportunity for potential writers to contribute and provide their review on the world’s hottest watch topics.

To get the best experience, we recommend checking out all of different watch categories. Whether you’re an on the go business man looking for a functional smart watch, you can check out our business category. Or, if you’re an athlete that consistently trains and needs a smart work out tracker, you can check out our sport category. Essentially, we cater to almost everyone’s needs!

Whether you’re new to the watch world, or have a bit of experience, we’d love to hear from you! As we continue to grow, we’re always looking for contributors that have a passion for everything watches! Visit our contact page and let us what you would like to see on Wrist Authority next!

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