Movado 1881 Automatic Review

Like mentioned in our list of the Best Digital Watches Under 200$, we’re never biased on the price of a watch. While many people look at that’s 100,000$ and wonder how someone can afford, they also have to think about those watches that are at the 100$ range and are still incredible watches. Today, we’re actually doing a review for a watch that is a little more than 100$, but still at an affordable range for quite a few people For Movado, this is their key strength. The company has produced many quality watches in the past, and we most recently eyed the Movado 1881 Automatic black dial watch. This watch can make a great match for both fashion appeal, as well as a sophisticated business watch. It is also Movado’s most affordable watch, making it more appealing for many people. In this Movado 1881 automatic review, we will be going over some of the features, as well as the pros & cons of this watch.


One of the great features, and in my opinion being an actual feature, is the pure design of this great Movado watch. With a two tone face, this watch is straight to the point. While this watch also features only one complication, the date display, its simplicity is a feature in itself. A self wind watch, featuring high quality stainless steel, as well as a beautiful leather strap, the quality of this watch overall cannot go unnoticed. Finally, with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, this watch is also very durable, and would be a great everyday watch, especially for a businessman or businesswoman.


We definitely enjoyed using this watch on a daily basis. With a simple wind, you are ready to go in seconds. Another pro is the watch’s ability to remain water resistant for about 30 meters, perfect for a light rain shower, or a splash. As mentioned, the quality construction of the watch outshines many similar watches out there. Overall, it is durable, without the bulkiness, but also beautiful at the same time. While completing our Movado 1881 automatic review, we found the pros definitely outshine the very cons, as mentioned next.


This watch features very few cons. Other than receiving our unit for our Movado 1881 Automatic review was on backorder for a few extra weeks, we were actually really impressed with this watch. The only thing that I would is missing, is the fact that the water resistant only last about 30 meters, or 98 feet. So don’t expect going out for a swim with this watch.

Overall, we had a great  experience using this great watch in our Movado 1881 Automatic review. We felt that the top notch quality matches the asking price for the watch. It also caught our eye with its beautiful and striking design made from high quality stainless steel and sapphire crystal. We’d definitely recommend this watch to anyone that is constantly on the go, but also wants a good looking watch.

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